Todd Thomas

We Also Are Life and Resurrection

“Jesus preached a familiar and oft quoted line in his Great Sermon as recorded by Matthew: ‘In everything do to others as you would have them do to you; for this is the Law and the prophets.’ What would life be like for us, for those around us, if we applied that sentiment to the labels we use? Jesus sets an example for us of applying labels that give life. He looks into the lives of the people around him and loves them, and he labels them by that love. He sees them as the best of who and what they are, and he names them as such. And he treats them as such.”

The reading for the day is John 11:1-45, “Lazarus Raised from the Dead.” The transcript for this sermon can be found at Todd’s Blog.

Todd Thomas
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Todd Thomas is a St. John's parishioner, occasional and inspiring preacher, and postulant to the priesthood in the Episcopal church.