Virtual Worship Ministries

Breaking bread together is at the heart of our identity as Episcopalians. It is a central part of the rhythm of our lives at St. John’s to gather each Sunday as we worship God together, engage scripture with our hearts and minds, seek hope and guidance through prayer, and offer our gifts of thanksgiving.


Although our church remains closed due to the COVID-19 crisis, we meet every Sunday on Zoom for an Agape feast worship service and each Tuesday and Wednesday for prayer services. Similarly, we worship together as a community on holy days throughout the year, such as Christmas, Easter, and other special days and observances.



Participate in Worship

Most parishioners attend our weekly Sunday morning virtual service. In this service, we gather and break bread together. We bless each other with our presence and our prayers.

Support worship – during the service

There are many opportunities for parishioners to participate in leading our worship each Sunday, including giving a candle lighting prayer to begin the service, reading the Scripture, leading the Prayers of the People, and praying over the parish in our Agape Feast. Each of these opportunities are great for individuals, families, or couples of all ages. Many members are also active in our Music Ministry and help produce the music that we use in service.

Support worship – Prepare for Services

Members of St. John’s support our worship through their work with the Altar Guild or Flower guild. Even during the closure, these dedicated groups keep our church beautiful for virtual services, including decorating for holidays and feast days. They are also instrumental in delivering items to households throughout our parish to facilitate our worship while it happens at a distance.