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Secret Santa Shopping at the Op Shop


December 9, 2018
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Where can my kiddos buy Christmas gifts for Mommy and Daddy?

Oh, I know! “Kids’ Christmas” on Sunday, December 9, when the Opportunity Shop, at 4504 Walsh Street, just over a block to the North from St. John’s, will open its doors at 11 am for special Christmas shopping.

The staff at the Op Shop have selected an array of low-cost gifts for young children to choose from, and there will be elves on hand from the older church school classes to help the children decide and to wrap up their purchases. Parents should escort their children to the Op Shop right after church school classes are over. While their children are in Santa’s Secret Shop in the back, parents can browse the aisles of the Op Shop — and maybe finish their own Christmas shopping!

Walk on West Avenue past Stanford Street to the next street, Walsh, and turn left: you’ll see the Op Shop on your left. Parents: payment can be made in cash (small bills please!) or check. We hope to see you there!