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Men’s Book Club


March 13
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
In 1791, President George Washington sent the United States’ only standing army to enforce treaties that granted the Ohio Country to the fledgling nation. The army was absolutely crushed by a well organized and ably led Indian Confederation of nine normally rival tribes. In response, Washington turned to a Revolutionary War hero, “Mad” Anthony Wayne. In Unlikely General: “Mad’ Anthony Wayne and the Battle for America, Mary Stockwell employs this campaign to unveil the character and the important achievements and failures of a general who might have been long forgotten but for his remarkable sobriquet.


The tale of the crucial Battle of Fallen Timbers, in which Wayne’s forces prevail against the Confederation, is riveting but there are also important subplots. President Washington seems ¬†genuinely to want a negotiated peace and actually proposed to relinquish United States’ claims to the vast majority of the disputed territory to get it. Only after the Native Americans rejected the offer does he authorize Wayne to proceed. Wayne’s second in command, another acclaimed general who fought in the War of Independence, was a traitor who did everything possible to undermine Wayne and the campaign. Wayne himself is a highly flawed person; however, he sought insofar as possible to provide for his troops and respect his foes.


Please join us to discuss this worthy book on March 13th at 7:30 pm.