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Regathering Plan: July 25

We are very excited to be opening our church for in-person services beginning July 25. Below, we have laid out our current plan for regathering. Until July 25, please continue to join us in our 10:00 am virtual worship service.

8:00 am – Simple, spoken Eucharist service
This service uses Rite I language. For the immediate future, this service will be held in the Sanctuary instead of the Chapel.

9:00 am – Virtual Service
Until the technology for the livestreaming the 10:00 am service is in place, Sari will continue offering an Agape Feast service via Zoom. We hope to integrate our virtual attendees into the main 10:00 am service by Renewal Sunday, September 12, 2021.

10:00 am – Communion service
Our main Sunday service will take place at 10:00 am. This service will eventually include a livestream component. We hope to have the technology installed and A/V volunteers trained by Renewal Sunday in early September so that we can combine our online and in-person communities in one service. If you are interested in volunteering to run A/V components of the service, please email Sari at

11:00 am – Lemonade on the Lawn
Stick around after the 10:00 am service for lemonade and fellowship!

5:00 pm – “Come As You Are” Communion Service
This casual evening communion service features piano music and communion done in-the-round.

Eucharist – For the foreseeable future, we will be using bread only during communion. Gluten free wafers are available upon request.

Masks – For everyone’s safety, masks are required unless you are fully vaccinated.

Parking – There are several options for parking at St. John’s. Learn more.

Questions? Email us at