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Lenten Eco-Pledge: Conservation in New Zealand

by Peter Williams, Eco-Action Team

We are almost to the end of Lent and by sticking true to our Lenten pledges, we will continue to raise money to support the work of local groups acting on behalf of environmental justice.

Just about a year ago, pre COVID-19, I decided I needed to take a step back and reassess my life. I had recently gotten back into shape and decided I wanted travel, do some conservation work, and climb mountains to feel a sense of achievement prior to getting my life back on track. When I first got to New Zealand, I volunteered with Conservation New Zealand in Christchurch where I spent a week removing invasive species, planting saplings, and learning about the eco system in the Christchurch area. The following week, we traveled across the country and spent a week in Punakaiki. Just outside the Paporoa National Park we planted around 600 saplings throughout the week to help regrow native trees for the national park. My trip got cut short because of COVID, so I didn’t achieve all I wanted to, but it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel and volunteer the way I did.

As for relating to this years Lenten pledge, I believe finding opportunities to have a positive impact on the environment locally can be a great step to building communities and character. With the money we are raising through this year’s Lenten pledge, we can achieve a positive environmental impact with post-Lent activities such as planting trees in the inner city. Please take a look at this link to see some of the actions you could be taking to join the Eco-Action Lenten pledge.