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Church School Lenten Season of Service

by Lee Walsh, Assistant for CYF Ministries

Lent is a season characterized by spiritual practices of fastingalms giving, and prayer. Throughout Lent, we invite you to explore these spiritual practices through “Season of Service” projects designed for the Lenten season by our St. John’s Eco-Action Team and  Nourishing Bethesda Coalition. On our designated Sundays of Service, February 28 (this Sunday!) and March 27, we will not meet for our usual Zoom classes, but encourage you instead to focus on these spiritual practices expressed in service.


St. John’s own Eco-Action Team offers children, youth, and families opportunities for creative fasting to positively impact the environment. Consider going vegetarian (i.e., fasting from meat) for a meal each week, or lowering the temperature on your thermostat or hot water heater several degrees (i.e., fasting from some warmth). Please look at this flyer, written especially for St. John’s children and youth, for encouragement in building eco-friendly habits and for more suggestions for service. Encourage your children to lead this effort!

Alms Giving

Engaging in the Lenten Journey Against Hunger provides children and youth with a means to give alms and is a cause we can all understand, whether 3 or 103 years old. Participating will mean collecting shelf-stable food items from this list which St. John’s Nourishing Bethesda will distribute to families in need. Once collected, we ask that you bring the items in reusable bags, if possible, on Holy Saturday, April 3, from 10:00 am to noon, to the West Avenue entrance of St. John’s, where volunteers will be on hand to receive your offerings. You will not need to leave your vehicle. Please be sure to wear a mask.

If you are unable to make this drop-off time, or would like to volunteer to assist with receiving and organizing food donations, please contact Dawn Molloy at Youth wishing to volunteer with food collection will be eligible to receive SSL hours.


Prayer is at the heart of Lent. Engaging in this Season of Service is prayer in action, connecting us with the sacred both within ourselves and with those in our larger community. May this Season of Service be a blessing to your family and those who are served.