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2021 Lenten Eco-Pledge

Last year, the Eco-Action Task Force initiated a Lenten Pledge Campaign to encourage parishioners to reduce their environmental footprint, with an eye on the looming climate crisis. While we had a great response, the pandemic emerged and caused us to change our behavior. This year, we want to recognize the changes in our lives due to COVID, and also make a link to environmental justice. We will keep it simple. Parishioners can choose any of 3 actions:

  • Reduce home energy use: install lighting, programmable thermostats, home insulation and energy efficient appliances.
  • Lower-carbon eating: substitute lower carbon producing and healthy food for red meat, reduce solid waste from food packaging.
  • Mindful consumption: reduce online purchases and waste from packages.

We will mail a 1-page flyer with simple tips, tools, and resources to each person who makes the pledge. We have identified local organizations that promote environmental justice through activities that are open to the entire DC community, including children. Learn more about these organizations and how you can financially supporting them here. We encourage you to make a donation during Lent to the Church which will be used to support those organizations.

Lent is a period of reflection and rededication to God’s purpose. It seems fitting that during this time we seek to interact more respectfully with God’s world. We hope that you will join us in this Pledge Campaign to, as Presiding Bishop Curry said, “protect this good Earth and all who call it home.”

Join us! Click here to sign up.