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More Great News from Our Nourishing Bethesda Initiative!

Friday, November 13 marks our 14th weekly family food distribution at the BCC Rescue Squad! We have delivered, on average, multiple meals worth of food to 1,000 food insecure people in Bethesda and surrounding communities each week. The BCC Rescue Squad has extended our stay for another three months.

But the big news is that we at St. John’s have just taken over all food distribution operations: ordering the food as well as packing, transporting, and distributing it. Up to this point, we have been relying on Nourish Now, who we were paying. Montgomery County stepped in and gave us generous food vouchers to significantly reduce our expenses if we could do the work. Now, with generous donations rolling in (thank you donors!), we can meet a longer-term need for a year, plus add to the amount of food we can provide, thus feeding more people!

Last Friday was our first distribution in which we did all the operations. Our dedicated group of lay leaders, broken up into captains and co-captains, made it look easy. The shelf-stable food arrived in our kitchen on Thursday afternoon. Volunteers packed food into 220 bags on Thursday night. More volunteers transported the shelf stable food Friday morning to the rescue squad. The County delivered boxes of butternut squash, yellow onions, tangerines, green peppers, carrots, tomatoes, and apples to the Rescue Squad, where more volunteers packed produce bags. And then we distributed them, handing them out to several dozen “walk-ups” and many dozen cars.

It was truly a thing of beauty to see St. John’s parishioners step up and make this happen!

We invite you to join our great team of Nourishing Bethesda volunteers to support this wonderful St. John’s community initiative. There’s a perfect opportunity for you to get involved! Please check out the new sign-up genius for the one that is right for you here. You can also find instructions on how to support our effort through monetary donations here.