Backpacks with St. John's logo and a Bible
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Church School Update

Sunday rhythms have returned, with worship and education for all ages. Church School thrives, with classes meeting live via Zoom. To facilitate our new At-Home Church School, St. John’s logo backpacks were delivered to the over 80 children and youth registered for Church School. Each backpack contained an inscribed NRSV Bible, the translation used in our worship and education programs. Additionally, younger children received manipulative materials to accompany their “Godly Play” lessons.

Our 9:00 am Godly Play class for children from 3 years through 5th grade provides opportunities to connect with friends, move to the Lord’s Prayer, light a (battery-operated!) candle together, view a Bible story video-recorded by our teachers, discuss in small groups “wondering” questions related to the story, and pray together. Children respond creatively after class, using the manipulatives provided or their own toys and art supplies. Parents receive follow-up lesson-based information and access to the week’s video lesson, to encourage faith conversations at home throughout the week.

Our three 11:00 am classes for 6th-12th graders continue following the three-part Journey to Adulthood program, with classes for middle schoolers, high schoolers, and post-pilgrimage high school seniors. This complete youth ministry program of spiritual formation encourages relational ministry through Bible study, prayer, rites of passage, outreach ministries, and both serious and playful activities.

Finally, to stave off Zoom fatigue and encourage faith in action, the fourth Sunday of each month is set aside for Zoom-free, at-home Sunday of Service projects published in Crossroads. We encourage the entire parish to join us in these monthly acts of service!

If you would like to register for church school, please click below: