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Census Volunteers Needed Through September 30

Census 2020 Needs Our Help! 20 Percent of MoCo Households Uncounted! 

The Montgomery County Volunteer Canter is still recruiting volunteers to help us encourage Census participation at food distribution, grocery stores, high-traffic shopping areas, and other community events almost every day, continuing through September 30th.  At each of these outreach opportunities, we will provide all necessary PPE’s and adhere to social distancing guidelines. We will use posters with QR codes and Census banners to encourage households to respond to the Census while they wait in line to receive boxes of food or other services. 

This will be an opportunity open to anyone interested and available, but if you have already taken our Census Ambassador training, please consider signing up to serve as a Census Captain at one of these opportunities. If you haven’t already, please click here  to submit a Census Volunteer Application and then sign up below to help.

We are looking to partner with specific hosting organizations to offer SSL hours to students interested in joining the effort. These events will be clearly identified at the time of listing.

Please visit our page on the Volunteer Center website to register and sign up for an upcoming event.