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St. John’s Financial Update

by Teresa Gill, Accounts Manager

In reviewing the current pledge status, we find that even through these tumultuous times the St. John’s community continues to show strong support and generosity!

As of May 31:
Total Pledged for 2020:  $1,010,202
Received:  $514,528.92, 51% (pledge status)

The 2020 budgeted expected expenses total $1,464,453. We have seen a reduction in expenses since quarantine to the property, administration, worship, and children, youth & families accounts. Our budget expenses are supported also through the rental income of Oneness Family School, which totals $272,500. We do expect to receive this income in full. 

In comparison of pledge status with prior years, we are tracking to be on target with our 2020 budget needs. I have noticed an increase in online recurring gifts, which is very helpful in informing us of what to expect to receive the remainder of the year.  

St. John’s has been approved for the Payroll Protection Program and received $147,800 to assist with payroll costs. The average monthly payroll cost to St. John’s is $40,000/month; this will assist with approximately 3 months. A huge thank you to treasurer, Lane Davis, for his efforts in getting this paperwork through the right channels. 

The 2019 Audit has been initiated and is being conducted through Hozik & Co. Although the quarantine time delayed the start, we still expect to receive our final audit information by August this year. 

Mid-year Pledge Records will be mailed on July 15th. The information will display your giving to St. John’s from January 1 to June 30th, 2020. If you would like to set up a recurring online gift, please visit the donation page. Additional giving information can be found here

The finance committee has been convening twice a month to review financial status, pledge receipts, the 2019 audit and discussions on the PPP loan. The volunteer time and energy it takes to be involved in these meetings and give meaningful input and feedback is greatly appreciated! Thank you John Stewart, Becky Neal, David Hilton, Lane Davis, John Welch, Alan Snyder, Johnna Story, Karen Berry and Sari Ateek.