Suburban Hospital emergency room staff enjoying a hot meal
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Helping the Helpers Fundraiser

Dear St. John’s, 

The Men’s Ministry is sponsoring an initiative called Helping the Helpers. In recent weeks we’ve all been moved by the heroic efforts of the front-line helpers who are working night and day to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. We would like to thank and help them, in a direct and personal way!

Please join us in sending hot meals to an entire shift in the Suburban Hospital Emergency Department on Monday, May 4, accompanied by handwritten notes of heartfelt thanks, bolstering their spirits and their energy. Sustenance for the body and soul!

The meals will be prepared by Harp & Fiddle -helping them, too!- and delivered along with our notes of thanks to Suburban by local nurse Gina Semeraro, who has organized this great initiative. Gina’s efforts were recognized in Bethesda Magazine’s March/April issue on individual acts of kindness.

Forty-five meals at $15.00 per meal will feed an entire shift in the Emergency Department, including doctors, nurses, technicians, admin, security, and housekeeping staff.
How to contribute:

  • Write a check to St. John’s for $15 to cover a single, hot meal, or more to cover extra meals. Be sure to write “Helping the Helpers” in the memo line. Send it to: St. John’s Norwood, 6701 Wisconsin Avenue, Chevy Chase, MD 20815
  • Contribute online on the St. John’s website, noting “Helping the Helpers” in the comment line.
  • Write a note of our sincere thanks for our front-line helpers! This can be brief and you can just use your initials. Contributions from everyone are welcome. Email or snail mail letters to or St. John’s Norwood, 6701 Wisconsin Avenue, Chevy Chase, MD 20815.
  • Lee Walsh will be asking church school children and young adults to create letters and drawings to send along to the Suburban Emergency Department. Kids can send their thank you letters and drawings to

One of our Men’s Ministry members along with his wife have generously agree to match the donations to Helping the Helpers up to $1,000. These matching funds will be donated in St. John’s name to Manna Food Bank, which serves the working poor in Rockville, MD. 

Thank you for helping our front-line workers!