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A Bright Idea Being Put Into (Eco) Action

The Eco Action team is happy to report that NPF funds granted this past fall are being deployed in an enlightening way!    

We received funding to convert nine classrooms to LED lights. Big deal? You bet it is! LED lights are up to 85% more efficient than traditional light bulbs. LED bulbs with a 60-watt rating consume only 9 watts of energy — quite an energy savings that adds up when you replace many lights! To break down the cost, an LED light will consume approximately $14 of energy over a 15,000 hour lifespan. The traditional 60-watt bulb consumes $99 of energy.    

But wait – that’s not all. LED bulbs have the potential to last tens of thousands of hours compared to the average light bulb, which has only 1,000 lifetime hours. This means less time replacing bulbs and fewer bulbs going into the landfill. It is estimated that replacing just one incandescent light bulb with an LED bulb can save 400 pounds of greenhouse gasses from entering the atmosphere. LED bulbs are also more eco-friendly because they do not contain toxic elements like mercury.    

The advancement in LED technology is amazing and something we hope you might consider in your home. It’s an easy change to make and given that lighting accounts for 10% of home energy use, LEDs will cut your power use, your electric bill, and reduce your carbon footprint. A win/win/win.  

Big thanks to all who helped make this possible! Stay tuned to hear about other Eco-Action team initiatives in the works and be on the watch for the Eco-Action Climate Pledge coming your way for Lent.