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Rector Sabbatical & Summer Preachers

Dear St. John’s,  

Many of you may recall that in the summer of 2017, I availed myself of the first half of my Sabbatical (3 out of 6 months) to re-start my doctoral studies at Virginia Theological Seminary. Since that time, I’ve completed nearly all my required course-work and have begun writing my thesis paper. I look forward to sharing more about my paper with you in due time. This summer, I will be taking the second half of my Sabbatical (June 3 – September 2) to take my last class at the seminary and complete most of my writing in the hopes of defending my thesis some time in the Fall.

As you might expect, our church leadership is very purposeful in ensuring that pastoral, liturgical, and administrative provisions are made during my absence. Also, we have a wonderful line-up of Sunday preachers for you throughout the summer – some familiar, some new – to give you a rich and diverse experience of the word of God. A flyer highlighting our wonderful summer preacher line-up is attached here (for download) as well as above. My last Sunday among you will be Sunday, June 2. Thank you, St. John’s, for the ways in which you invest in me. Please know that you are in my prayers, and I look forward to our reunion in September.  

Grace and Peace,