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Leaving a Legacy: Planned Giving at St. John’s

Leaving a Legacy: Planned Giving at St. John’s

Have you ever considered what your legacy will be when you’re gone? Do you ever think about how you might make a lasting difference that will extend generations beyond you? For most of us, there is a deep, God-given desire to see those things we value and love continue to thrive, and to rest knowing that we played a small part in making this happen. For this reason, and because our faith calls us to see ourselves as a part of a larger story – one that has been in existence long before us, and will carry on long after us – the Vestry has approved the establishment of a Planned Giving Program at St. John’s.

Planned giving is unlike the pledge campaign which covers the annual operating expenses of the church, or a capital campaign which typically raises capital to fund an identified set of actions that cannot be funded from the operating budget. Planned giving allows parishioners to leave a legacy to St. John’s that will provide a lasting foundation for the future of our parish. We believe that an effective planned giving program will do much to assure that St. John’s will continue to be a beacon of hope for generations to come.

There are a variety of ways to make a planned gift to St. John’s. The most common is to include St. John’s in your will, but you can also designate St. John’s as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or set up a trust or annuity that would benefit both you and St. John’s.

If you make a planned gift, St. John’s will use your gift to support one or more of its core missions. Alternatively, you can direct that your gift be used for a particular ministry of the Church for which you feel a special commitment. Parishioners who make a planned gift will automatically become members of the Norwood Guild whose purpose is to honor those who make any type of planned gift to St. John’s. Except for donors who wish to remain anonymous, we will periodically list the names of Norwood Guild members in Church publications. We also plan to hold other activities to honor Guild members.

The Planned Giving Program is directed by the Co-Chair for Planned Giving who is a member of the board of the Norwood Parish Fund (St. John’s endowment fund).  I (Earle) am honored to serve as the initial Co-Chair for Planned Giving, and would welcome a chance to meet with you to discuss a planned gift. Please feel free to email me at plannedgiving[AT], call me at 202-329-2541 or just look me up sometime at church.

Grace and Peace,
Sari Ateek, Rector
Earle O’Donnell, Norwood Parish Fund, Co-Chair for Planned Giving