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Call for Norwood Parish Fund Grant Applications

From March 25, through April 7, the Norwood Parish Fund (NPF) Board will accept grant applications for 2019.

Grants are available to organizations or parishioners for:

  • St. John’s capital needs,
  • Outreach ministries,
  • Seed money for new ministries and special one-time projects, and
  • Other highly meritorious purposes that are similar to, but do not precisely fit, the three categories above and that fulfill St. John’s mission to develop its ministries or to be a catalyst for projects that are beyond what it is possible to fund through annual operating funds.

Dozens of grants have been funded since the creation of the NPF in 2002.  In the last few years, NPF funds have contributed to significant initiatives in the life of the parish, including establishing the Journey to Adulthood (J2A) program, the Come As You Are 5:00 pm service, and the adoption ministry.  NPF funds have likewise funded: major outreach and property projects, refurbishing the kneelers, updating the St. John’s web site, and completing the overall of the parish hall audiovisual system.


How do I apply?

Download the application here.

Completed grant applications must be submitted as an e-email attachment to Elizabeth DuPont Spencer, NPF Co-Chair, at edsmsw@gmail.com.  A hard copy placed in the church office’s NPF box would also be appreciated.


What happens next?

Grant money is available for distribution through a competitive review by the NPF Board, with final award approval made by the Vestry. Applications submitted after April 7 will not be considered for this round of funding.  The next opportunity will be in the fall of 2019.



Please contact Co-Chair Elizabeth DuPont Spencer ((301) 980-1421 or edsmsw@gmail.com), Co-Chair Sarah Whitesell (sarahwhitesell@gmail.com), Co-Chair for Planned Giving Earle O’Donnell, Robert Burchell, Sheila Teimourian, Junior Warden John Stewart, or Rector Sari Ateek.