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St. Barnabas Has Found A New Home

Dear St. John’s,

As most of you know, St. Barnabas’ Deaf Church has called St. John’s “home” for the last 45 years. Every Sunday at 10 am, St. Barnabas has held its Sunday service in our chapel, and, on occasion, has joined us for our 11:15 worship service with the assistance of an ASL interpreter.

Over the last six months, St. Barnabas’ has been experimenting with a new location in Gaithersburg to be closer to where many of their parishioners live. The Episcopal church of the Ascension (where Joe Clark was the previous rector) has graciously welcomed them for this trial period, and this past week, St. Barnabas’ and the vestry of the Church of the Ascension agreed to make their partnership permanent. This means that we are officially saying goodbye to our beloved friends as they will no longer meet at St. John’s.

St. Barnabas has expressed its deep appreciation to St. John’s for its gracious hospitality and love over the past four decades. While we are sad to see them go, it is a blessing to hear that since their move, their congregation is now growing and thriving. May God continue to bless St. Barnabas’ in its ministry to the deaf community, and we offer thanks to God for the many years of partnership with them.

Grace and Peace,