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Prayer, Education, Action: St. John’s Approach to Gun Violence Prevention

Two months ago, in the aftermath of a series of mass shootings in our nation, I sent out a notice to the parish (dated November 8) in which I committed to exploring with you a way for us to take intentional steps toward becoming more involved in the struggle toward gun violence prevention (GVP) in our nation. Since that notice, I’ve hosted focused open meetings once a month (November, December, and January) on Sunday afternoons during which parishioners were invited to join me in crafting a framework to guide our future involvement around the issue of GVP.

At our third and final planning meeting this past Sunday, we agreed to move forward by means of a three-pronged approach of PRAYER, EDUCATION, and ACTION. As Christians, our work is always grounded in prayer. As seekers of the truth, our work must always be informed through a constant commitment to education – learning not only from those who see things as we see them, but from those who see them differently. And as children of God, we must translate our spirituality and learning into action for the betterment and healing of the world.

We can no longer sit idly by waiting for another shooting to devastate the next community. It is crucial that we become a part of the solution in the most constructive way possible as an expression of our faith. Starting with this issue, I hope that you will keep an eye to announcements in our weekly newsletter under the “Grow” and “Make A Difference” sections for upcoming opportunities to pray, learn, and act. If you are interested in becoming more involved on this issue, please let us know by clicking here.

Yours in Christ,