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Sari Ateek
Sari Ateek, Rector

Two Sundays ago, I preached a sermon on vocation using the story of Isaiah’s calling (Isaiah 6:1-8). The word vocation comes from the Latin word “vox” meaning “voice,” and the related word “vocare” meaning “to call.” This is one of the reasons why we often refer to one’s vocation as a calling.

In the sermon, I identified five stages of calling in the progression of the Isaiah story that I believe are universal to the discernment of any vocation in life. These five stages are:

Elevation: The awareness of something bigger than you.
Perspective: The realization of your smallness/inadequacy.
Affirmation: The movement from smallness/inadequacy to possibility.
Invitation: The call to respond.
Resonance: When something within you says “yes” to the invitation.

Click the link to listen to my sermon on vocation.

One of the most profound books that I’ve ever read on vocation is a short one called Let Your Life Speak by Parker Palmer. I read this book years ago, and find myself returning to it on occasion for inspiration and direction. I’d like to recommend it to you if vocation is a subject of interest, or if you are simply looking for inspiration.

Grace and Peace,