A baptism at St. John's.

A baptism at St. John’s.

Baptism is a commitment to continue growing and serving God in the ways of Jesus Christ. The Sacrament of baptism is offered during Sunday services, where the entire community celebrates the initiation of new members into the Christian faith and receives them into the household of God. Infants, children, and adults are baptized, and often several candidates are baptized together.

All are welcome to be baptized. You do not need to be a member of St. John’s, but you will need to meet with Clergy, complete this registration form no later than two weeks in advance, and a attend a brief run-through before the service. Baptisms are typically celebrated on the following days:

  • Baptism of Our Lord Sunday: First Sunday after January 6
  • Pentecost: Sunday 7 weeks after Easter Sunday
  • All Saints’ Sunday: Sunday on or just after November 1
  • Whenever the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington visits


There are no fees for baptisms.

Contact the church office to learn more.