Visiting Choir Director, Gordon Appleton

Anne Timpane

By Anne Timpane, Director of Music Ministries

This coming weekend, our choirs and congregation will have a special treat when Gordon Appleton, recently retired staff member of the Royal School of Church Music (RSCM) in the UK, comes to work with our choirs.

Gordon was the regional Music Advisor for the North of England, a role which provided encouragement, support, and education for those involved in music in worship, particularly in parishes. He was also the Director of the RSCM choir “Voices North” which sings cathedral evensongs throughout the north of England. Though retired, he continues to direct choral festivals around the world, and began his “retirement” by spending six weeks making music in South Africa.

We are delighted that he will be sharing his knowledge and expertise with our Children’s Choir, Alleluia Choir and St. John’s Choir, so I hope you’ll take a moment on Sunday morning to welcome Gordon to St. John’s.

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