‘Transforming Questions’ Class Begins March 7th

by Sari Ateek, RectorThe Rev. Sari Ateek, Rector

Are you someone who has been a Christian for a long time, but sometimes still wonders about the basics? Or are you someone new to God and the Church who wants to get a better idea of what this Christianity thing is really all about?

Starting in Lent, I will be leading a ten-week class called ‘Transforming Questions’. In this class, we will seek to move into deeper life in Christ by engaging some of faith’s most basic questions: Who is Jesus? Does God answer prayer? How do I read the Bible? Why bother with Church? What do I have to do to be a Christian? Each week we will gather for a meal, hear a talk on one of the central questions of the Christian faith, and then join in small-group discussion. Through both listening and sharing, we will wrestle with these foundational questions in the context of faith and in the company of fellow seekers. As we do so, we will learn more about ourselves, one another, and the Jesus we are seeking.


    When: Tuesdays 6-7:30pm
    Duration: March 7 – May 16 (10 consecutive weeks except for April 18)
    Where: Parish Hall
    Registration: Click here to register
    Child care: Provided upon request

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