Thanks for a Wonderful Year!

By Nancy Derr, Church School Director

FullSizeRenderThe whole upstairs hall ended up out on the playground by the end of the church school hour last Sunday, and there was a great sense of community out there. We had four newcomers among the classes of three year olds through seven year olds, and they were happily swept along. The prior week we welcomed sisters, in the fourth and seventh grades, who were eager to return. For the open arms of our classrooms, I want to thank our teachers, who model and teach how to greet and include and connect.

At the 9 am service on June 5, the last day of church school for this season, we will acknowledge and honor the teachers who have devoted themselves since mid-September to the children and teens of St. John’s, preparing lessons, directing performances, creating ties to other classes, and reaching out to families. It’s a great job I have, both getting to know the children and teens every week and working alongside the volunteers, with their creativity, patience, and enthusiasm.

FullSizeRenderPlease look for our latest church school photos in two places: the annual collage of the seniors over the years is now all around the parish hall walls. The church school bulletin board is a few steps down from the West Avenue lobby, on the external wall of the elevator. Currently on display is a photo of Susan Little and Pam Kempf, our long-time pre-school teachers, who are both “taking sabbaticals,” which will be an adjustment for all of us. For well over ten years, three-year-olds have contentedly passed through their loving care. They have been a steady lynchpin of our program.

FullSizeRenderAlso take a look at photos of our J2A class, who have chosen Banff as a pilgrimage destination. They are anticipating Youth Sunday, the auction, and confirmation next year, before their June 2017 departure. And you’ll enjoy the pictures of the kindergarten acting out scary things (like barking dogs) and then holding hands to help each other and thinking of Jesus’ love to calm their fears.

You are welcome to visit any of our twelve classrooms, which are in every available room both upstairs and on the lower level, during the church school hour, though June 5 is your last chance until mid-September. Our classes are inspiring, and the teachers make them so. I’ll end with a list of this year’s group of volunteers, from the teachers of the oldest to the youngest.

FullSizeRenderBrent Fewell, Lee Walsh, Tim Kennedy, Kathy Kemper Dean, Greg Baer, Shirley Sagawa, Elly Sullivan, Walter Carr, Cassie Carr, Wendy Vicente, Cynthia Greer, Emily Hedin, Amy Jackson, Ted Dean, Tess Hess, Jared Hess, Deb Borkowski, Mike Borkowski, Dawn Harris, Leslie Kass, Charlie McNamara, Jan McNamara, Nicole Christensen, Fritz Kass, Bonnie Duffy, Jessica Flugge, Mark Flugge, Judy Pendergrass, Becky Berman, Mindy Power, Rich Power, Susan Little, Pam Kempf, Doug Jones, and Nike Refshauge. I know you join me in thanking them.

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