Our Vision

Catch the Vision

It has been a long time coming! In 2013 a vestry-appointed Vision Team set out to find where St. John’s “greatest gifts best meet the greatest needs of our larger community.” Out of their prayerful, challenging, and rewarding deliberations came the Vision Statement 2015, presented during two separate Sunday adult forum hours and mailed to every parishioner.

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Building community at the crossroads of faith and life.


St. John’s Episcopal Church, Norwood Parish will make a difference in its local community.  Following Christ’s example, our vision is to cultivate a spirit of kindness and altruism within our local community by focusing our energies in the following three ways:

  • Equipping individuals for healthier and more holistic relationships.
  • Strengthening inter-generational connections.
  • Facilitating more meaningful interactions across the socio-economic spectrum.

We will do this by:

  • Creating spaces of common interest through which authentic relationships can form and flourish.
  • Fostering a culture of mentorship and service in which everyone has something valuable to share.


Next Steps

An implementation team of five St. John’s parishioners is working toward two key objectives:

  • Translate the Vision Statement into tangible and measurable activities that can be performed by St. John’s for the good of the broader community and in witness to the love of God.
  • Engage St. John’s congregation in a such a way so as to inspire ownership of and commitment to the Vision Statement and its implementation.


Adult forums throughout fall 2016 will focus on the pillars of the Vision Statement. St. John’s Crossroads newsletter will also include regular updates on the process.

Vision team video 021115 from St. John’s Norwood Parish on Vimeo.