‘Moses and the Freedom Fanatics’ – Sunday, February 28th

6thGradeClassWere you part of the enthusiastic audience for Broadway and Chocolate last Sunday evening? If you were, you got a preview of our sixth grade musical, “Moses and the Freedom Fanatics.” Moses and Aaron – William Coffey and Charley Carr – dreamed together in song of the promised land, and their eleven-year-old voices almost let us see it. With their sister Miriam, played by Celine Bernhardt-Lanier, they want to lead the Israelites out of their Egyptian slavery. The story of the beginning of the exodus has inspired people in any kind of servitude for thousands of years. Pharaoh mocks God, and he is disturbed in his unbelief by plagues. Composer Hal Hopson has written a lively and even funny version of the uprising, and the sixth graders really rise to the occasion. Pharaoh, played by both Mark Vicente and Ben Paz, is slow to grasp that things must change.

You’ll hear three other soloists, Ashley Sosa-Rodriquez, James Kiracofe, and Lucy Ryan. You’ll appreciate a violin duet by Hannah Otte and Ben Paz. Zahra Kehus and Sophia Katz speak up for the slaves as Jen and Rachel. Our dance and frog troupes are composed of Mimi Danzis, Hannah Luib, Fiona Newman, Lucy Ryan, and Jocelyn Williams, and you’ll see that their gymnastics lessons come in handy.

All ages will be able to enjoy “Moses and the Freedom Fanatics,” so please stay on after the 9 am service, perhaps moving closer to the front, or come to the Nave at the adult forum time slot of 10 am. Church school classes will not meet. We’ve prepared a reception in the Parish Hall following the show – we thank Nike Refshauge for setting that up (look for the popular pigs-in-blankets) and for providing our actors with their costumes.

This year is the third time around for this particular musical. We had a star turn by our first Pharaoh, played by the late John Everhart of beloved memory, fifteen years ago, and how we laughed at the rendition by a present senior, Christopher Hechler, six years ago. We’re thrilled to be doing a revival. This year our directors are our three talented teachers, Cassie Carr, Wendy Vicente, and Walter Carr, helped by Anne Coffey. Anne Timpane rehearsed the singers every Sunday since mid-January, resulting in a super show, which has come together in record time!

These exciting productions provide a class with new experiences and high morale. They play a big role in letting a class cohere, so that the young people feel a sense of belonging to a spiritual community. Our attendance has been outstanding during the church school hour, in all twelve classes and fifteen age slots, during these winter Sundays. Thank you for supporting the church school by your faithful attendance! And now, on with the show! See you on Sunday.

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