Join the Alleluia Choir!

Anne Timpane

By Anne Timpane, Director of Music Ministries

The Alleluia Choir, St. John’s group of dedicated parents and children who unite their voices to lead our 9 am worship each week, share more than just the joy of music making. As members of a church choir, they have the added privilege and dimension of ministering to others through song. Their commitment to one another, to the group, and to our church is strong. However, the group desperately needs new members to ensure the continuation of this important ministry.

Everyone has their own reasons for joining the choir, but I believe that the most important reasons people join a church choir are to sing, to minister, to learn, and to belong. Our Alleluia Choir has a warm and inviting atmosphere that is both productive and vital. Each member of the group is valued for his or her contribution and is important to our sound and our rapport. As volunteers, they don’t have to be there – they want to be there.

Please consider singing with the Alleluia Choir or any of our other groups in the fall. The time commitments are fairly small, but the benefits in terms of skills learned and connections made are long lasting.

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