Get to Know a Few of Our Students

by Nancy Derr, Church School Director

Nancy Derr, Church School Director

It was wonderful to start another church school season! Watching the three-year-olds exploring their new space as well as seeing the familiar faces up in the pilgrimage room – at both ends of the age spectrum and throughout the intervening grades, seeing the remarkable changes in maturity that develop over merely a summer produces quite a thrill. I loved the enthusiasm and high spirits. We had many newcomers, and we expect more next week: welcome one and all!

Many of you asked me where the church school bulletin board was, once a fixture of the lobby. It is only a few steps away, down the six steps that lead to the hallway. If you leave the Nave on the pulpit side, you’ll eventually be standing in front of it. Right now we have a display of our teachers’ photos, so I hope you’ll have a look.

We had an attendance on our first day of 148. The biggest crowd was in our 7th and 8th grade classroom, and of these young people, I would like to profile five, whom we will celebrate on Sunday, September 27, at the 9 am service, in our Rite 13 ceremony.

Preston Beatty

Preston Beatty looked forward to building a computer, on the day I interviewed him. He’d purchased the pieces, one by one, done his research on PC-building forums, and was ready to get to work. Preston likes PC gaming, particularly “Destiny,” which he holds out as a motivator to get his homework done early. An 8th grader in the magnet at Eastern Middle School, Preston enjoys his subjects, plays tuba in the band, and likes playing baseball. His family includes his younger brother, a player in the basement football games, and his dog Lily and cat Serena. Sailing and camping appeal to Preston; his favorite TV show is “Last Week Tonight” with John Oliver.

Aidan Moffitt

Aidan Moffitt fits 8th grade at Westland Middle School in around his activities. He wrestles, plays lacrosse, swims, runs, and enjoys parkour, where people move directly from point A to point B over whatever lies in their path. Aidan can play guitar or drums in his band, the Rebels, and he sings in the school chorus. He likes to watch “How It’s Made” on the science channel, and he’s interested in the mechanics of things, like homemade drones. Aidan is the second of four children: he has three sisters plus the dog Bella. He likes coming to church with his whole family. Aidan is a cooking channel fan too, and his specialty is crème brulée.

Alexandria Primich

Alexandria Primich is a seventh grader at Herbert Hoover Middle School, where her two electives this year are marine biology and photography. She takes guitar lessons, swims for the Sailfish in the summer, runs cross-country, and plays softball, but her real focus is soccer. Her favorite activities with friends are indoor climbing walls and go-carting, and with her two younger sisters too she’s active, often showing them some soccer moves. Alexandria loved her Christian camp and her time with her family on the Outer Banks. She likes to pick up a mystery, like “The Adventures of Charlotte Doyle,” or to catch an episode of “Glee” or “Full House.”

Robert Healy

Robert Healy goes to Westland, where he’s an eighth grader, and he really enjoys his math and science classes. He thinks aerospace engineering might be in his future. For the present, he’s absorbed in slalom kayaking, which he was introduced to at a camp, and which now takes him to white water in several states, as well as to eastern Canada’s rivers last summer. Robert misses his older sister, away at college; he has a dog, Latte. Robert loves food: his tastes developed while he lived in both Belfast and Mexico City, where he acquired his jalapeno cravings. He might catch “Dr. Who” on TV; he likes to hang out with friends when he has free time.

Lucas Kehus

Lucas Kehus attends Earl B. Wood Middle School in Rockville. An eighth grader, Lucas has a couple of classic favorite subjects, P.E. and band. Math he has to rank at the bottom. He’s satisfied with his position in the middle of an older brother and younger sister (plus a cat, Yuri). Lucas has multiple sports interests: he’s a midfielder on his soccer team, he likes ice skating, he plays pick-up street hockey, and particularly he likes to get on his long board. He still finds time to play sax in the school jazz band and to keep up the Dutch language in Saturday morning class. Lucas Skypes with friends back in Maputo, since he spent eleven years in Mozambique. Family vacations might take Lucas to visit relatives either in the Netherlands or in California.

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