Blessings of the Nativity Pageant


Matilda Carr and Nathan Job play Mary & Joseph

By Nancy Derr, Church School Director

One of the miracles of Christmas has to be our nativity pageant. I think of it as similar to our pilgrimage, in that the participants emerge at the end of it different from the way they went in. Our second graders rose to the tasks of the production. Flynn Fountain and Eloise Williams narrate the story, and Nora McNamara is the angel who brings the good news. Matilda Carr and Nathan Job make the trek to Bethlehem as Mary and Joseph, and Abby Sharpe escorts them to the manger. The star amazes shepherds Kate Younoszai and Jacqueline Stanton. Monarchs James Grenham, Rafe Tartal, and Camille Boyle follow the star, enacted by Grace Helfrich, to the stable, where they present their gifts to the Christ Child. Matthew Padilla and Tess Younoszai are travelers to Bethlehem who comment on the wonders of this night. Teachers Laurel Fountain and Stefanie Bollock have directed the children.

The first graders are the shepherds in the hills. The kindergartners are the animals around the manger. The pre-kindergartners are the cherubic angels. All these children sing several songs together, taught to them by Anne Timpane. Their costumes were sewn and fitted by Nike Refshauge, who also prepares the reception in the parish hall following the first performance.

Our attendance in the upstairs hall has been wonderful, and that has increased our connections to one another. But even more, the children respond to being engaged in valuable work and learning how to do it well: they are presenting the story of Jesus’ birth. It’s a spiritual undertaking, and they feel it. The congregation, as well as the neighborhood, can receive this gift at 5 pm on Saturday, December 24. I hope you’ll be able to experience it!

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