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Pledge Season 2018: Top Ten Questions

The Stewardship Committee has compiled these answers to frequently asked questions about pledging at St. John’s. If you have a question that we haven’t addressed here, or if you have a question that you would like to discuss with a member of our team, please email us and let us know.

What is a pledge?

A pledge is a financial commitment to the church for the upcoming year. The Vestry depends on pledge commitments in order to accurately prepare an operating budget that supports the church’s ministries and day-to-day operations.

Why should I pledge? Can I simply give when I am in worship or when I can?

St. John’s parishioners are encouraged to be generous in all ways at all times. A pledge, however, reflects a specific amount of money that the church can depend on when setting its annual budget. Without pledges, therefore, the church Vestry would have no concrete sense of what the church income will be for the following year.

How much should I pledge?

Giving is a spiritual practice that should be prayerfully considered. Scripture encourages proportionate giving, or giving a percentage of one’s income as an act of worship. All parishioners are encouraged to move toward the five- to ten-percent giving level as a spiritual discipline. Many of our pledgers start this journey by committing to a percentage level that seems doable, and then gradually moving up.

Can I pledge online?

Yes. Go the the Pledge page and complete the online form.

What happens if I fall behind in my pledge commitment? Can my pledge change?

Yes. We recognize that circumstances change. If that happens, please contact the church treasurer to make the adjustment to your pledge.

Why is it important to make a pledge commitment at St. John’s Norwood Parish?

Those who pledge to the work of God through St. John’s typically consider St. John’s to be their spiritual home. Your pledge, therefore, is an investment that brings greater health and well-being to your church home by supporting the necessary day-to-day operations of the church and strengthening its mission and ministry.

Will I receive a statement of contributions during 2018?

Yes. In addition, anyone who makes pledge contributions can use the church’s online tool, Breeze, to view and print their personal statements at any time.

How are my financial contributions put to use by St. John’s?

Each year, the Vestry produces a narrative budget for the parish that illustrates how the generous contributions of our members and attendees are used, including general operations of the church and our mission. The 2017 budget narrative is available now. The 2018 budget narrative should be available in January.

Will my pledge make a difference?

Yes, it will. Pledges represent our first and primary source of income. Every dollar makes a difference, and your generosity is a blessing to your church home.

Who is aware of my pledge amount?

Your giving is a private matter of conscience between you and God. The pledge secretary receives your pledge, and our church treasurer and bookkeeper have knowledge of each individual’s annual giving in order to record these contributions for your income tax deduction purposes. Through the Breeze portal, you have the ability to view and print a record of all your giving to St. John’s.

Karen Berry
Karen Berry

Karen is the Director of Church Operations at St. John's.