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Advent Lessons and Carols

You are invited to a service of Advent Lessons and Carols
Sunday, December 3 at 5:00,
St. John’s, Norwood.
Music and readings for a time of preparation.

The season of Advent is, above all, a time of watching and waiting for the coming of the kingdom of God. While there is a sense of restraint and watchfulness during any time of preparation, we have the luxury of also feeling a confident joy as Christmas approaches. We happen to know that this time of waiting ends with the birth of a baby that changes the world. The music and readings of Advent keep our focus on one of the most universal of human experiences – awaiting the birth of a child, with all the fears and hopes that a new baby represents.

This story plays out in the context of a single Lessons and Carols service, as well as across the four Sundays of Advent. Churches all over the world base their Lessons and Carols on the celebrated Christmas Eve service at King’s College, Cambridge. Fear not, there will be plenty of traditional carols during the season of Christmas, but this Sunday’s 5:00 pm service of Lessons and Carols requires something different than the carols of Christmas. We’ll sing music of this season – the Advent season, and not the songs of mall shopping and popular culture. Together with the lessons, this is a service which seeks to nurture anticipation in each of us.

– Sonya Sutton

Karen Berry
Karen Berry

Karen is the Director of Church Operations at St. John's.