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Hope at the End of Hope: He Is Risen!

Sari Ateek
Sari Ateek, Rector

If you came up to me and said that someone you know just came back to life after having been dead for three days, would I believe you? Put yourself in my shoes. Would you believe it?

As Christians, we are witnesses to a story that most of us would not believe if it happened in our own time. And yet, year after year, we come together to proclaim, “Christ is risen!” But what would happen if we really did believe that Christ rose from the dead, or maybe the real question is, what would happen if we really did believe that death could be conquered?

The significance of this question for our lives and for our world today is beyond measure. Everything around us – from relational conflicts, to political strife and injustice, to poverty and hunger, to war and natural disasters – constantly bombards us with the same hopeless message: “There is nothing else… death is the end!” But on that original Easter morning, with the discovery of Christ’s empty tomb, God introduced a new possibility into our suffering world – a possibility for hope at the end of hope; for life at the end of life; for beauty at the end of beauty. The empty tomb resounds with the promise “There is more!”

May this Easter season be a season of new possibilities for you, for your family, for this community, and for our world. May you rest in the strong grip of a God who is endless with creativity and new beginnings; and when you say, “Christ is risen!” may you believe that all things are possible.

Christ is Risen!

Sari Ateek
Sari Ateek

The Rev. Sari Ateek is the rector of St. John's. One of the many gifts Sari brings to the church is his conversational preaching style.